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Title: Learning how to relax while working remotely

For many people, the way we work has drastically changed over the last five years. Working from home doesn’t mean you won’t have workplace stress, in fact, it can be more difficult to handle. Workplace stress from home can be different and new, meaning you might need new ways to cope with your stress. Some things that can increase your stress that might be new include:

  • Poor communication among the work-from-home team
  • Personal life things distracting you from work or making it difficult to work from home
  • Changes in practices or procedures can be harder to handle
  • Less in-person tech and leadership support

The last two are big ones because according to Upworks Future Workplace Reports 67% of businesses reported major changes in how they operate since their transition to remote work. Business leaders need to take steps to ensure employees have the support they need to be successful at home, but, you still need ways to cope with stressful situations.

1. Watch your Favorite Feel-Good Movie 

Pop some popcorn and turn on your favorite movie, it’s time for a movie night. This is one of my favorites because it can be as simple as a laptop flick in bed to an elaborate fort and movies. You’re never too old to build a couch fort, especially in the times of COVID. 

Order one of those projectors from Amazon and really enjoy the whole experience. Turn your phone off and just get lost in your favorite story. We used to turn our phones off when we went into movie theaters, why should watching movies at home be any different? The best part about watching movies at home is pausing them for bathroom and snack breaks. 

Just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the experience of seeing a new movie. Bring that experience home in the best way possible with snacks, comfy pj’s, and total control over your viewing experience. 

2. Get Creative 

Most people found out they do in fact have hidden creative talent while in quarantine. If you didn’t use the quarantine to find a new hobby, that’s okay, it’s not too late. Finding a creative way to express yourself can not only be enjoyable, but rewarding. The great thing about art is it’s completely subjective, if you like it that’s all that matters.

 Order a paint by numbers on Amazon, or maybe a cross stitch kit. Look up how to make your own jewelry or maybe start a bullet journal. There are so many ways to get creative at home, the possibilities are really endless. Getting creative also doesn’t stop at material forms of art.

I learned how to play a few songs on a ukulele one week in quarantine. Stop by a thrift store or an old music consignment store and try to find a used instrument. Your neighbors might not be too pleased, but you’ll have a blast. 

Start that home project you’ve been wanting to do, pick out a new backsplash, change the shower tiles, or redecorate your space. 

Getting creative allows you to focus on the process of what you’re doing, and enjoy a reward. You get a tangible reward when you finish your project, and it’ll be something you made! 

3. Cook some Comfort Food 

Cooking is similar to creative outlets in the sense that you not only enjoy the process but an immediate reward. Cooking a go-to comfort food you know won’t mess up and will taste delicious is a safe bet. But, trying a new recipe or mastering a more difficult one can be more rewarding. 

Depending on why you’re trying to relax, just day-to-day time to yourself or a significant stressor, you can have the perfect meal for your needs. If you struggle with making time to cook every day, or finding the motivation to cook, then try meal prepping for relaxation. Spend part of a day cooking food so you have leftovers ready for busy or stressful nights. 

Baking can also be a rewarding experience because you can share your sweet treats. Finding ways to handle workplace stress while working remotely can take many shapes and forms.

4. Read a Book 

Disappear into a make-believe world with a good book. We are strong supporters of adults reading any and everything. Please avoid overindulging in self-help books, they are only good in moderation. You need to allow yourself time to relax and unwind.

Start thinking of books like you do your favorite TV shows. You can read books over again, just like you watch your comfort shows over again. You can also have comfort books and go-to reads for different moods. 

Reading doesn’t have to be boring or serious, you can read whatever your heart desires. Find a book on a topic you’ve always wanted to learn about or pick up the book your favorite movie is based on. The possibilities are endless.

5. Play a Game 

This one can mean a variety of things. You might immediately think of video games, which can definitely be stress-relieving, but we mean any game. If you’re not home alone, play a board game or a video game with your housemate(s).

If you are athletic or enjoyed sports when you were younger, find locals playing near you. You can easily find groups on Facebook that you might be able to join. It might take some time and effort to find a local league to play in, but if you enjoyed a sport, it might be worth it!

6. Practice Self Care 

At the end of the day, the best way to relax while working remotely is to just do whatever you need to do. The tips before might help you as more of a distraction, but self-care is pure relaxation. Self-care will help you relax your mind and body and can help keep stress levels down.

Take a hot bath, complete with Epsom salt and candles. Put on a face mask and lotion up while you listen to your favorite music. Self-care can be whatever you make it, whatever you need. Just spend time taking care of yourself. 

If you need help keeping your remote team on track, check out our services and tools. Workplace stress can create an unhappy and unproductive team, if you need help getting your team back on track or building strong company culture, reach out to us.

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