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Cultural Impact LLC was founded on the principle of engaging, equipping, and empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential. We offer world-class service in four core areas: Financial Services, Technology Products and Services, Organizational Development, and Strategic Planning. 


Our services are centered on improving business processes and procedures, beginning with people operations, expanding to financial viability, and capitalizing on the integration of technology to automate and improve business processes. With these focus areas in mind, we provide human resources and leadership training and assessments, bookkeeping and tax services, and web development (domain names, hosting, website security, web design, and technology integrations). 


Our 10-person consulting staff is at the forefront of technology, marketing, human resources, and leadership and professional development. Our strategies are original, innovative, and unparalleled in their ability to make a difference in your organization.  

Bookkeeping & Tax Services

When you need to get your business and personal financial books in order, we can help with that. We provide professional bookkeeping and tax preparation services. Our clients never have to stand in line or leave their homes or offices. We provide nationwide bookkeeping and tax services. We are fully insured.


  • We offer virtual tax preparation services from the comfort of your home, or while you are traveling for work, or on your lunch break at the office.
  • No more wasting precious time standing in line. We will confirm your appointment within 24 hours, and your taxes will be completed in a timely fashion in accordance with the complexity of your return.
  • Our team has found thousands of dollars in missed deductions and credits for our clients.
  • We work with small clients on a shoestring budget and larger clients with multi-million dollar budgets.

Technology Services

We provide web design and do-it-yourself services, including; domain names, web hosting & design, and web security. We go beyond aesthetics in providing SEO, e-commerce solutions, technology integrations, and social media marketing. We work with new and established organizations.


Organizational Development

We work with your management and leadership team to pinpoint organizational and human resources challenges.

We are value-added associates for TTI Success Insights, offering research-backed assessment tools to help you gain a better understanding of your team’s work styles and unique dynamics.

Strategic Planning

We provide organizational assessments and analysis, to determine whether your team and your processes are strategically aligned to reach your organizational goals. We guide your leadership and team through the process of developing innovative ideas. We integrate industry analysis and research to ensure that you have key information to disrupt markets and exploit industry opportunities.


Making an impact in businesses of all sizes

Prior to pivoting the business, our founder Dr. Vanessa Enoch launched Enoch Global Enterprises in 1999, as a sole proprietorship. She and her business associates recognized the need for assisting organizations with leveraging individual human assets and developing diverse teams to be more productive. In 1999, we launched Cultural impact LLC. With over 24 years of experience in working with large and small organizations throughout North America, we passionately believe that every employee is an important component of any business venture; however not all employees will be equally productive, due to diversity in skill sets or motivation levels. That is where our services come into play.

We offer customized solutions that take the headaches out of running your business and helps managers and team leaders bring ideas to reality. We are a small team of 10 employees who are trained and specialized in their areas of expertise, with demonstrated project experience across several areas of business and technology. Whether you have an identified problem or you are in need of a business assessment or a program analysis to determine the general health and viability of your organization, we can help!


We are value-added associates for TTI Success Insights, offering research-backed assessment tools, which help us delve deeper to gain a better understanding of your team’s work styles and unique dynamics.




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Business Coaching

Our team of experienced coaches understand your business challenges, because we have been where you are and where you are going. We specialize in understanding what works across industries and we help businesses accomplish their goals.

A Few Project Examples

We work on a variety of business oriented projects. No two clients are alike, and business industries are in constant flux, and as such we research our customers markets and customize solutions to meet the unique needs of every customer at the time of contract execution. 

The Neighborhood-based Trauma Centers Project

We provided strategic planning, coordination, data collection project management, and oversight to several prominent organizations in Cincinnati, that partnered to launch two neighborhood-based trauma centers that provided assessments, trauma-informed intervention, and treatment for children and families impacted by community violence and post-traumatic stress. Partners included the University of Cincinnati, The Cincinnati Health Department, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, The Cincinnati Police Department, The Fire Department, The Cincinnati Recreation Department, and lead agency, The Cincinnati Islamic Community Center, and more.

The Early Childhood Education Sector Partners

We provide project development and management, planning, data analysis, fundraising, and web design services for the Cincinnati Early Childhood Education Sector Partnership. As consultants and mediators to this project, we are responsible for evaluating challenges within the early childhood education sector, recruiting new entrants to the field, strategizing and finding ways to assist early childhood educators with attaining a livable wage, identifying ways to increase exposure of Greater Cincinnati children to racially and gender diverse teachers, and teachers with limited exposure to racially diverse students in early learning experiences. We are also responsible for the design and coordination of services to improve the community landscape and the quality of services, improve the early childhood education sector inner city Cincinnati communities.


New Commandment Christian Fellowship

We have provided business management, bookkeeping and project management services to our client, New Commandment Christian Fellowship, now located in Hamilton, OH for over 20 years. When they needed financial statements to expand their church they called us. We assisted them with securing a $3.1 million dollar property in the Northern suburbs of Cincinnati, OH. Over the years, we have provided grant writing, business planning and general business consulting to the pastor and the church administrator. We continue to work with New Commandment in various capacities, as they have ongoing business needs. We provide services for nonprofit and for profit businesses, regardless of size. 


We are a state and nationally certified small black and woman-owned management, technology, and organizational development firm based in Greater Cincinnati, OH. 

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