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The Keys to Your Success

Your business and your success can be accelerated when you take advantage of the services of our trained professionals who are committed to your success. We help you tackle your greatest challenges, through personal and professional coaching, research, business and strategic planning; project management; bookkeeping tax preparation; marketing and establishing a social media presence (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse, Web Design and E-Commerce stores, and social media strategy).

For more established, and growth stage companies, you can capitalize on your current and past successes through partnering with us for organizational assessments; diversity, equity and inclusion services, program evaluation, policy analysis, feasibility studies, leadership development, recruitment, business strategy, marketing strategy, training and professional development, and quantitative & qualitative research.

Our mission is to develop and inspire leaders to foster new ideas and take calculated risks to be better positioned for the future workforce, a diverse customer base, and the fast-changing tech savvy business world. We specialize in making a CULTURAL IMPACT!

We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), a Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and an Edge Certified Business by the State of Ohio in the United States.

business and life coaching

Many people wonder if they need a coach when it comes to business. They question whether they can accomplish their goals on their own without a coach. When we consider that the greatest athletes of all time never outgrew the need for a coach, this should give us a bit more confidence that the work of a coach is never done. We can learn a lot about the need for a coach when we consider the skills and experience needed to climb a mountain. In fact, some of life’s challenges can feel insurmountable, like the idea of climbing Mt. Everest.

When it comes to things like climbing mountains, most of us would take one look at the mountain and know that it would be a monumental task. But, until we have climbed a mountain like this one, we may never really know what it takes. Now consider how often you have experienced some of the same thoughts or feelings in your professional life. Have you ever felt overwhelmed, lost, or just generally like you didn’t quite have what it takes to go the distance? Take our survey to determine whether you exhibit any of the signs that others exhibited when they discovered they needed a business or life coach.

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