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Research & Policy Analysis

Cultural Impact LLC helps companies bridge the gap between the time and effort needed to respond to RFP’s, and research and apply for grant funding by handling applications from beginning to end. Our consultants are familiar with the mechanics and demands of federal funding and understand the operations and needs of local and state governments. We specialize in helping federal government contractors solve complex business problems

We work directly with businesses that want to contract with government entities at any level. We assist organizations with getting certified and positioned to deliver products and services to the government. We also assist with proposal development and securing government funding and opportunities.

We thoroughly analyze the problem and what interests are at stake to identify alternative solutions.

We translate the problem into a specific set of goals, identifying the relationship between those goals and the problem that was identified.

We identify all necessary stakeholders that should be at the table and other interests that should be considered in the analysis.

Provide analytical and descriptive analysis of existing policy to explain policies and their development.

Provide analysis for new policy and assist with formulating policies and proposals.

We specialize in policy analysis for targeted groups, such as constitutionally protected classes.

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