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Research & Grant Proposals

Research & Grant Proposals

Proposal writing is more about building the right relationships and collaborations than the actual writing process, for the purposes of creating sustainable and long-term funding streams for your organization’s future.

There are four components that we believe are necessary to provide you the highest quality services for funding your organization, these include:

  1. Research
  2. Relationship-building
  3. Proposal writing, and;
  4. Assembly.

Research:  Our research process begins with identifying the most appropriate funding options for your specific needs. Research is necessary to identify appropriate statistics relevant to your proposal needs.  Clients can choose to contract with us for one year to identify and target contracts and funding resources for a monthly or annual consulting fee.  Proposal writing is a separate service and not included with research.

Relationship Building:  The effort it takes to build the right relationships with potential funders is the most valuable aspect of securing funding.  We will assist you with making contact with funders, setting appointments, and in facilitating discussions.

Proposal Writing:  As experienced proposal writers, we write professional, well-researched, exceptional proposals.  We cannot guarantee that your proposal will be funded. Many things contribute to a funders decision to grant a proposal, among them are the organizations reputation, experience in providing similar proposals, the organizations financial viability, the number of applications submitted, the amount requested against the number of proposals received and the weight given the organizations proposal against other submitted proposals. These are all factors that are beyond our control, this is why we like to build relationships with funders upfront. This helps determine whether there is an interest in your proposal and alleviates some of the frustrations of writing unsuccessful proposals.

Assembly: All proposals must be assembled; this includes establishing registrations and uploading proposals in private funder and government systems.Proposal rates vary in accordance with complexity and the funding source.  Proposals submitted to some entities or foundations that are significantly less complex, are generally less expensive to complete.

We will provide an estimate in advance, so that you will know what you can expect us to charge with each proposal.


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