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Founded in 1999, CULTURAL IMPACT LLC is a management consulting and strategic planning firm, based in the Greater Cincinnati region. We are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and EDGE Certified by the State of Ohio. We offer customized solutions to assist all types of organizations. We are a lean and agile project based organization, with the demonstrated ability to expertly manage internal and external resources. We are able to quickly scale up or down, by aligning with similarly situated consulting firms with complimentary areas of expertise. Maintaining a small staff allows for more multidisciplinary collaboration. CULTURAL IMPACT has worked on a variety of projects across the country. We also offer services in the areas of program evaluation, policy analysis, business coaching, training and research

Our purpose, vision, and mission are to improve cultures and transform organizations. Since our inception, CULTURAL IMPACT LLC has been and still is in the business of inspiring leaders and helping organizations develop and grow.

We specialize in (SBU’s)

Strengthening systems

Building the capacity of businesses, and the effective

Utilization of resources.

Our objective is to stimulate new ideas and transform organizations by developing and inspiring leaders to foster new ideas and take calculated risks to grow their organizations.

We are social change experts. Our corporate vision is to transform organizations and better position them for the future. This means preparing businesses for the future workforce, a growing diverse customer base, and the fast changing tech savvy business world. Our goal is to help businesses connect with a diverse consumer base, and to help diverse businesses expand their operations and product offerings. In short, we specialize in making a CULTURAL IMPACT.

Business Coaching

We are experienced professional business coaches who work collaboratively with your team to create innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Our mission is to strengthen systems, expand business operations, improve processes, and stimulate business growth through strategic planning, idea generation, conservation of scarce resources, and personal and professional development of employees. Our areas of expertise are project management, policy analysis, feasibility studies, qualitative and quantitative research, and program evaluations.


Project Management & Strategic Planning

CULTURAL IMPACT LLC (formerly Enoch Global Enterprises) has been in business for over 21 years. Our primary services include management consulting, policy analysis, project management and strategic planning services. Our team has demonstrated project experience across several business sectors and exceeds the required five years’ experience in project management and ten years combined experience in facilitating, developing and monitoring strategic plans. We make a concerted effort to understand local economies and how to best position our clients for maximum impact.

Whether you have an identified business problem or simply in need of a business, institutional or program analysis to determine general health and viability of your organization, we can help!

Are you in the planning stages of a new business idea or looking to enter a new market?  Perhaps you are looking to reposition an existing product or service.

Our leadership

Dr. Vanessa Enoch, Ph.D., MBA, Project Manager/ Lead is the Founder and CEO of CULTURAL IMPACT LLC. She is a motivated results oriented business professional with solid experience managing large-scale projects. Dr. Vanessa Enoch has 20+ years of Senior Project Management experience and over 10 year’s experience in facilitating, developing, and monitoring a strategic plan within business organizations.

Dr. Enoch has served as the Executive Director of several non-profit organizations, and worked in corporate environments where she was responsible for leading projects where she was responsible for managing client-side and vendor side projects. In these capacities, she has been responsible for planning, leading, overseeing and managing a wide variety of highly prioritized administrative and operational projects. Her diverse management experience included facilitating large planning efforts, and organizing teams for planning efforts. Professionally, she has worked as an independent contractor and consultant in the capacity of an internal business and senior level IT project manager for large technology companies and within the insurance industry, where she utilized project productivity tools, and managed multi-million dollar project implementations. She has provided oversight and management of large IT application development projects in excess of several million dollars and 3,000 hours from inception to delivery.

For 20+ years, Dr. Enoch has successfully guided teams through business transitions and large scale planning projects across several public and private sectors, including non-profit development, IT, Product Development, and Construction projects. Most recently, she secured federal/state and local grant funding, developed project infrastructure, provided project oversight, and developed two neighborhood-based trauma treatment centers on behalf of project partners (The Cincinnati Islamic Community Center, The Cincinnati Police Department, The Cincinnati Public Schools, The Cincinnati Recreation Department, The City of Cincinnati Health Department, the Neighborhood Enhancement Project (NEP), Place Based Investigations of Violent Offender Territories (The PIVOT) program, The Cincinnati Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV), medical professionals from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and The University of Cincinnati). Dr. Enoch holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Social Change.

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