Program evaluation is a vital component in securing grant funding, because it tells funders how you are going to determine the success or failure of the program. It tells the funder how well the program is doing, if the program needs changing, or even if the program needs to cease. In grant proposals, the grant writer must fully articulate how and what the evaluation is going to measure. Most Federal grants will allow you up to 15% of the total amount requested to contract professional services. Ensure that the contracted source will give you this evaluation in writing so that it can be used in your written grant proposal.

Cultural Impact, LLC can assist with making sure that the method of evaluation you use fits the program. Many times the method is a good method it is just not good for your program. An example of this is surveys. Surveys are wonderful but only beneficial to your program if you are looking for general information. By nature, they cannot provide in-depth information like most programs need. Most organizations use surveys in developing grant proposals, and they lose points because of it, because in many cases it is the only method being used. In some situations, surveys aren’t appropriate for the program being evaluated. We can assist with your organizations proposal writing process.