Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation

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Our program evaluation services are appropriate for government entities and non-profit organizations. Our process involves collecting information about the activities, characteristics and program outcomes to identify areas of improvement, ascertain program effectiveness, and to inform decisions about future program development.

We understand the changing nature in which organizations must operate, and consider resources, time, and political context. We identify the method that will produce the most useful information for the evaluations intended purpose and to enable our clients to make the best decisions about program implementation and to improve program effectiveness.

We take into consideration how long the program has been in existence and the purpose for which the organization is conducting the evaluation. Ultimately, our objective is to document program progress, demonstrating accountability to funders and policymakers, or identifying ways to make the program better.


Our considerations more generally will center on understanding the following:

  Implementation: Were your program’s activities put into place as originally intended?

  Effectiveness: Is your program achieving the goals and objectives it was intended to accomplish?

  Efficiency: Are your program’s activities being produced with appropriate use of resources such as budget and staff time?

  Cost-Effectiveness: Does the value or benefit of achieving your program’s goals and objectives exceed the cost of producing them?

  Attribution: Can progress on goals and objectives be shown to be related to your program, as opposed to other things that are going on at the same time?

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