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Are you feeling left out of the digital age? Maybe you don’t feel your business is reaching its full potential online. Don’t worry; you’re not alone! Hundreds of companies are in the same position as you, trying to find their way in a digital world.

Luckily, you can improve your social media presence and see better results.

Any business can utilize social media to gain customers. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be leveraged for any service or product. Every business is set in a niche, and every business owner has specific knowledge and information to share. Social media is also an excellent tool for keeping up with the competition. 

All of the benefits sound great, but do you know how to make all of these things happen? Well, we do. We know what it takes to grow your social media platforms and launch your business to new heights.

Here are some ways to improve your social media presence. Keep reading to learn more.

Use the full range of platforms that you can

The three previously mentioned platforms are essential, but when did you last check your LinkedIn? You should post your blog and social media posts to your LinkedIn for more connections.

You might also consider Pinterest, TikTok, or Snapchat. It is up to you and your team to decide which platforms will work best for you.

Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date.

This might seem obvious, but when did you last update your bio? Do you have a simple link to your website on your Instagram bio, or have you upgraded to a Linktree? Some might ask how you even add a link to your Instagram bio.

You need to make sure you are changing your profile picture, cover photos, and bios, and updating your website as required. Holidays are a great reason to spruce up your page and website. You can also highlight new products, deals, or special sales.

Create a content calendar. 

Creating a shared calendar on Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel can help your team stay on track. You can assign tasks for everyone to see and stay current with. You can easily track progress amongst your team members from anywhere. Utilizing these tools will be essential for successful remote work. 

While using a content calendar sounds excellent, creating one can be challenging. Luckily there are plenty of templates available for you to use for free, or you can purchase access to some for a low cost. 

Use all the tools you can 

We have found several ways to optimize not only our content but also our time. We use Meta Business Suites to post on Facebook and Instagram Simultaneously. Business Suites also has a content planning tool that makes scheduling posts a breeze. You can also easily track your metrics on Facebook and Instagram, reply to comments and emails, and adjust your profile.

Some other tools to utilize are Jasper to help you write copy and SemRush to help optimize every step of your process. These tools have varying costs depending on your needs but can be highly profitable if used correctly.

You can also find free tools, like hashtag generators or keyword tracking tools. You might have to research to find the best tools, but it’s worth it when you see the ones that work for you.

Using trending hashtags is a great way to get more people to interact with your content. You also want to ensure you use the essential niche-related hashtags for your business. Trending hashtags will get you more traffic, but your niche hashtags will keep your content in relevant feeds.

You want to ensure your content is on your target audience’s feeds.

Interact with other relevant brands and businesses 

Interacting with other accounts can help draw more people to your page. Share the content of your affiliates or top influencers in your niche to broaden your scope. This is a great way to get different types of content on your pages and stories. Creating a social media presence isn’t just about what you post and how you interact.

Write exciting and engaging content that people will want to read

Engaging your audience doesn’t have to be complicated. You will already know what you should post if you thoroughly research your niche and competitors. Ensure you stay on par with your place, but you’re still offering fresh and new content.

Curating content is also a great way to stay active. If you share content from other creators, you must give them credit!

Use high-quality images and videos in your posts

Images and videos are crucial for engaging your audience. You can use tools like Canva to help you create content. We use Canva for almost all of our graphics and videos. It’s not only user-friendly, but they offer differently priced packages alongside a free option for any sized business.

Create Graphics in numbers

Sometimes sitting down and spending a few hours creating graphics is easier. Instead of making graphics day by day, try to make a week’s worth of pictures. If you’re using your content calendar and other tools, then this will be a breeze.

Keep learning

Technology is constantly evolving, and it’s essential to ensure you are continually educating yourself and staying current. You not only want to keep up with constantly changing social media, but you also want to keep up with trends. You can find plenty of material on YouTube to help self-teach, or you can sign up for different virtual pieces of training. Our team offers various training, not just on social media!

Hire a social media manager

We hope these tips help you improve your social media presence, but we know how difficult it can be. If this list seems intimidating and you struggle to keep up, hire someone to focus solely on social media. A social media manager can be a huger asset to your team and business. Not only will you relieve yourself, or maybe someone who picked up the tasks alongside their own, but you’ll have someone dedicated to improving your social presence.

We offer social media assistance; reach out to see how we can help you! 

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