6 Ways to Market Your Business for the Holidays

6 Ways to Market Your Business for the Holidays

We know that it can be difficult to find creative and trendy ways to advertise and market your business. Luckily, the holidays give you a way to not only market and advertise, but a reason to incentivise shopping. Start with these simple tips to help advertise and market your business for the holidays.

Posting Content for Marketing 


Start by wishing everyone a happy everything! Put as many holidays as you can on your calendar and wish a diverse group of your followers, customers, and clients a happy holiday season. Be inclusive, but also be creative! It’s currently October and we are making so much halloween content, but we’re also working on fall and even winter holiday content. Christmas is not the only winter holiday, and therefore it does take extra focus, time, and preparation to make sure you are as inclusive as you can be. Lean into the colors and cliches of the holidays. Adding pumpkins, leaves and fall colors to a graphic in October is going to catch people’s eye and show you’re capable of being current and creative. You can keep up with trends, holiday excitement is just another trend. 


Holiday Themed Products, Bundles, or Services


Get into the holiday spirit with themed products and bundles. If you sell physical products you can either make themed products or use holiday packaging. You can do holiday bundles on products or services, like an “In-Law’s are Coming” cleaning package or gift sets and gift cards. This is a great way to help advertise and market your business around the holidays.


Deals! Deals! Deals! 


Black Friday isn’t the only sale you should be taking advantage of. For example, offer sales and special deals for other holidays, like President’s Day or back to school specials. The possibilities are endless for holiday deals, it’s your business, do the deals you want!


Website Design Updates


Get in the holiday spirit by changing up your website designs. Every major brand makes constant updates to their websites appearance. Not every brand follows holiday and seasonal trends, but if you are going to be doing sales and special products, it doesn’t hurt to go all in. This also shows your customers that 


Holiday Events


Host in person or virtual events for your customers. Throw a holiday party or pass out halloween candy bags to kids. Attend different festivals and events. Set up booths at local farmers markets. Spend time researching local events that you can attend, it is well worth the return if you can do it right. 


Decorate for the Holidays


If you have a brick and mortar store location, then you should decorate! Put up a few string lights or a couple of signs. It doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant (unless you’re feeling like it). Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration if you need help. Instagram is also a great asset for seeing not only decor ideas, but graphic ideas and staying up to date on trends. 


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