Improve Your Website Traffic With These 8 Tips

Improving your website traffic isn’t as hard as it is time consuming. To be successful you need to come up with a plan to increase traffic and stick to it. Time management and organization are crucial to the success of your website. These tips will help improve your website traffic and bring more customers to your site.

Driving traffic to your website starts with improving your ranking in search results. Improving on page SEO will help improve organic traffic and make for happy Google analytics!


Improve SEO

Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) will help improve your rankings on search sites. It’s not as difficult as you might think. First, most of the tips coming up will actually improve your onsite SEO. It can be a seem daunting, but there are limitless tools to help you.

Our team uses Semush as an SEO tool. You can run website audits to see what SEO needs to be improved, complete and save keyword research in minutes, and it offers social media and content help. I’m using their genius content marketing tool, with their added SEO content template to aid in writing optimized blogs.

Link Your Social Media 

Simply adding your social media accounts to your website can improve your traffic across platforms. Make sure there are direct links to your social media accounts on blog posts for easy sharing. Make sure to share your blog posts across social media platforms to get more clicks and visits to your website.

Social media marketing has changed a lot since it was first introduced. Organic traffic is a lot harder to get, and ‘pay to play’ is the new way. Creating content that helps you sell is challenging,  but it can greatly drive more traffic to your website if done correctly.

Add Blog Posts

Adding blog posts to your website is a simple way to get more traffic. As people search for topics related to your business, how amazing would it be if they came across your expertise on your website? Writing blog posts is not as hard it may seem, especially if you’re writing topics in your niche. Start with an outline, do your research, and then start writing!

Every time we send out a newsletter, we link our blog posts. Using blogs in email marketing will help drive traffic to your website. Just another little way to improve traffic, with little work, you can add something you’ve already finished to a newsletter.

Add Podcasts

This one will take a lot more gear, set up, and time, but it can be very rewarding. You can also cross your material for your blog posts with your podcasts to expand on topics, or to get a dual audience. Another great aspect of podcasts is the ability to collaborate with other people. You can join other podcasts to plug your services or products and knowledge, or invite others to join your podcast.



Collaborating is a great way to broaden your audience and improve your website traffic. You can get others to guest blog for you, join your podcasts, do events together or agree to share each others content. The most extreme is to work together on a line of products or services.


Collaborative relationships with other owners and creatives are limitless. There is no singular way to have a successful collaboration. You can also choice a wide range of people or companies to collaborate with. You can collaborate with internet influencers, other local industry leaders or business owners, or you can broaden your efforts.

Legos is a great example of collaborating done well. They have collaborated with different movies, clothing companies, and even with department stores. Lego has reached into every other industry they can besides kids toys.


Exchange Links

Once you have others to collaborate with, exchanging links becomes a lot easier. Referee to other website’s in your blog posts and across your website as you can, and make sure they do the same as well.

This is a great way to increase your traffic from other pages, and increase your ranking on search engines. Referral traffic from other companies is another great way to make Google analytics happier and rank you higher in Google search results.


Create an Industry Tool

Creating a useful industry tool can lead to return and consistent traffic. an example of an industry tool would be uploading templates for different things like social media calendars. Another example would be a sorting tool, or maybe an SEO tool that helps you find hashtags or topics. The point of creating a successful tool is creating something new and needed, so this one will take the most creativity and skill.



If you have money to spare on paid advertisements, do it! Start with social media platforms and expand from there. Using Facebook Business Suites is extremely helpful for planning, promoting, and evaluating posts. They even have a convenient app so you can more easily separate your personal and professional Facebook accounts.


This list can seem daunting, and you might not know where to start, but we will. We have all of the tools and services to make all of these things happen. You can see all of our services on our website. We will be here to answer any questions you have and help you prepare a long term strategy.

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