Help Spark Creativity With These 5 Tips

Working in a creative field can be fun, yet challenging. Creative blocks affect all types of creatives in hobbies and of course in the work field. It’s important to understand that creative blocks are usually rooted in fear, anxiety, and stress. It’s important to start by understanding what exactly is causing your creative block, and then you can begin to work through it. Let go of any worries, allow yourself to mess up until you get it right, and try a few of these tips to help spark creativity. 


Collaborate with Coworkers or Other Creatives


It can seem difficult to tell anyone, especially your coworkers, that you need help. Have you ever heard the saying “two minds are better than one”? Well, it might be worth asking your teammates, coworkers, or your creative friends and networks for their opinions. Show them your work and ask for constructive criticism. Your coworkers, supervisors, friends, or collaborative might be able to offer a fresh perspective. We offer consulting services if you need help with this.


Focus on Other Creative Outlets


Creative minds can struggle focusing on one thing for too long. If you struggle with this, switch over to your creative hobby, or find one. Take a break and draw, paint, sew, do needle point, whatever can help you re-spark your creativity. I also suggest trying new hobbies and switching things up. When creatives get extremely comfortable with a hobby, they can also be perfectionist with their work. Try something new and exciting, something you really have to focus on and give your all to. You might be surprised what can happen if you stop focusing on something unproductive and try to reset. You will come back to your main project refreshed and with a new way of thinking. 


Visit a Creativity Sparking Location


Viewing art can be extremely inspiring. Visit your local art museum, stroll around your favorite park, stop by your favorite coffee shop, you know the one that has all the plants and art, we all have one. Get out of your usual space and venture into an inspiring one. Do some research and try to find somewhere new to go. Beyond parks and museums, see if you have a conservatory nearby or a “create-your-own” shops (my favorite is a local create your own candle shop), Do something you’ve always wanted to do or go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.



Don’t let the word exercise fool you, this could be everything from a dip in the pool, to pulling out the roller skates. Hitting the gym, taking a walk, or doing your favorite form of physical activity is a great way to work through a creative block. Get your creative juices, or sweat, flowing. You’ll not only feel better, this should help with stress and help you refocus. 


Simply Take a Break 

There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, but for some reason us busy bees can find it hard. We have so many things going on, work, our personal lives, hobbies, remembering to eat three balanced meals can be hard sometimes. We need to remind ourselves to that we just need to relax. Take a hot shower, rest, watch an episode of your favorite show, clean up your space, or get a snack. Do whatever you need to just relax and reset your mind to be able to refocus and spark creativity. Taking care of yourself is key to getting adequate work done. 

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