4 ways to Improve Team Productivity While Working From Home

4 ways to Improve Team Productivity While Working From Home 


In our changing and evolving work environment, our workspaces are moving into spare rooms and corners of our own homes. In our technology-driven world, the new norm is digital meetings and home offices. With less face-to-face and in-office work time, it can be difficult to keep up communications with your team. Luckily, Microsoft offers a full suite of tools to help stay connected with your team. We’ve laid out the following tips to help improve productivity and collaboration among your team using the Microsoft web apps. 

1. Utilizing Microsoft Team


The first tip, and arguably the most important, is to start using Microsoft Team to chat, video conference, and call in one easy-to-use app. Microsoft Team is a one-stop-shop for maintaining communication and collaboration among your team. We offer a full package of email services, the Microsoft web app suites, and unlimited online meetings and HD videos to stay connected. 


2. Virtual Water Cooler With Microsoft Team


Meeting in an office space allows for workplace collaboration, banter, and socialization. The go-to image of office banter is a group of coworkers gathered around the water cooler. With everyone working from home, this image no longer represents our office banter. Holding regularly scheduled video conferences with Microsoft Team allows you to check in with your team and give important updates. This is also a great opportunity to share special projects, discuss accomplishments, and reward team members. You want these meetings to be something to look forward to so you can ensure attendance and keep the water cooler as a positive experience. 


3. Create a Shared Calendar 


Creating a shared calendar with Outlook is very easy and a great way to keep your team connected and informed on everything that is happening. Microsoft explains how to create a shared calendar and answers more questions you may have on their website. 


4. Daily Positive Team Email


Sending a daily motivational or encouraging email to your team shows that you’re invested in not just the numbers and stats of your team's work, but you care about how they're doing. It can be a simple good morning email with an inspirational quote, a shout-out for the team reaching a goal, or a reminder about something fun or exciting coming up. 

In a digital world, it can be hard to keep the team morale up, but these tips can help you create a more productive digital work environment. Microsoft offers all of the tools you need to accomplish these easy steps, you can purchase the complete bundle here.

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